Working for Us

List of accomplishments:

– Chairman of the Health Policy committee
– Co-chair of the House Pharmacy Caucus
– Member of committees on Insurance, Michigan Competitiveness, and Tax Policy
– Chairman of House C.A.R.E.S. (Community, Access, Resources, Education, and Safety) task force created to address mental health service needs

– PA 99 of 2016: Insurance; other; reporting requirements for state of competition in the commercial liability insurance market; eliminate.

– PA 205 of 2016: Veterans; other; definition of veteran; update in the veteran right to employment services act.

– PA 398 of 2016: Education; students; requirements for documentation and reporting; require to be included in state policy on use of seclusion and restraint.

– PA 482 of 2016: Crimes; penalties; unregulated custody transfer; prohibit, and provide penalties for.

– PA 113 of 2017: Elections; ballots; requirement of political party vignettes being printed on election ballots; remove.

– PA 142 of 2017: Health; vital records; reporting a live birth; amend to protect the confidentiality of parents who surrender a newborn under the safe delivery of newborns law.

– PA 156 of 2017: Human services; adult foster care; physician orders for scope of treatment form; establish procedure if adult foster care facility is unwilling to comply with the form.

– PA 31 of 2018: Corporate income tax; insurance companies; tax imposed on gross direct premiums; exclude health maintenance organizations.

– PA 32 of 2018: Corporate income tax; insurance companies; definition of insurance company; exclude health maintenance organizations.

– PA 34 of 2018: Animals; other; training requirements for animal control shelters, animal protection shelters, and class B dealers to obtain a limited permit to buy, possess, and administer certain animal tranquilizers and sodium pentobarbital; revise.